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Mar 2, 2007
Piggy Ride On New Lunar Year

This Chinese New Year not much feels on festival mood. It sounds quiet and not that merry compare to years ago. Even though this year is better than last year with the help of economy positive growth, it just lack of something. Not seeing as red as last time. Not hearing as loud as previously. Not much gathering as much as possible. Not pocketing much red packet as last time. And myself are not as helpful as previous years.


First, until the very last day still need to go site for installation. Second, didn’t see and receive much of the mandarin oranges. Third, not much lantern, red banner decorate around. Fourth, not much firecracker lighting around. Fifth, not much visiting come and go. Sixth, no major gathering for meeting up and celebrate and toss prosperity dish. Seventh, people pretend or forgot the meaning on giving red packet for blessing the young. Eighth, no major praying and welcoming Wealth of God on the first day. Ninth, not much feng shui and special program on television. Tenth, simply no Chinese New Year feels.


The most enjoying part is able to watch the most exciting television program. Able to scarify sleep on wee hour without having worry to wake up on time the next day. Almost once a year I get the privilege to be able to watch live. It is the European Champions League. In my opinion, more exciting and tense than the World Cup. The best part is the tournament competes every year. Every year there sure have fairy tales unfold. Also the club or team that you support every week to fight the other European champion. Speaking of football, I am thinking to tribute an entry for my desire on the sport. It should post around in the summer when the “Golden Right Leg” moves on.


Apart from that, watching television, facing the computer monitor and playing video game during the whole week holiday. While others have to start work on Wednesday. Just feel like a normal long holiday. It is enough however or else I am going to be a lazy pig. When started back work is a back to reality. I bend my own blog rule on proper English just to allow ending this special entry.


Anjing pigi, babi mali,

Cuti pigi, bencana mali.


And that is true. It’s true.



Posted at 09:05 am by Predator


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