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Planetary Ruler: Jupiter
Compatible Star-Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus
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May 2, 2007
Lone Wolf March To Glory

Few weeks ago, always complaint that things turn out not smoothly. But think back again, is it really that bad. Not really certainly. Life is boring and admire the others lifestyle. Going to cinema, to the mall, to the gym and sports. Well, since the month of March, we are now marching to glory.


From previous entry, there is a point where Predator had a free cinema ticket on hand. In this post, we continue from there. This series follow where the Predator go hang out with friends. On the last day of March, Predator and his colleague/friend/club supporter go to the cinema to watch 300 the movie.


The movie is tailor made for the real man as it tells the true man to march to glory. They fight brave and discipline trying to march on to glory. However, it seems not that easy. Portray to the journey of life as we walk through the difficulty of life. We can’t easily have perfect life. Therefore we need to stand tall and fight.


As usual have sports self-entertainment and hang out drink. With colleagues and friends together to discuss and blow some ball water there. The fight hard devils are also picking up form to fight until the season end. With own buddies lately, go to the arcade to shoot some baddies and watch some movie. The buddy’s girl is quite sporting and not only allows his guy to be with us but she joins us as well.


Last month, all four of us came out from the shell and head to cinema to support a certain animated movie where tells a story of fabulous four came out from shell. The related Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This certain pattern continues to roll over the town. May this style continue to the month of May as this great power comes with great responsibility.



Posted at 07:47 pm by Predator

June 30, 2012   12:48 PM PDT
hehe ... dsff2012.6.30

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