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Name: LAI
Nickname: Predator, Predator Hunter
Origin: Power made flesh

Predator's Horoscope: Yours is a personality which is a combination of all the zodiac. You may be gifted musically or artisticly, and creativeness is inherent in you. You are a great empathiser, always knowing how someone else is feeling. This makes you a good councellor and a sensitive lover. You enjoy solitude occasionally and like to get away from it all and be along in order to regain your senses.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter
Compatible Star-Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus
Gemstones: Amethyst

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Jun 1, 2008
Live For Nothing or Die For Something

On the 21 of May 2008 (22 May local date), the Lone Ranger was in tear of happiness when Predator's favourite football club wins the UEFA Champion League. One of the best tournament and the best show on earth in Lone Ranger opinion. Few hours before that, the Predator's buddy was in sad tears.


After Predator's buddy having quarreled with his girlfriend, the Predator's weekend will not be as same as weeks before for their initial break up. Predator always didn't understand the use of the term "complicated" as relationship status in Friendster. Now Predator understands the use of it. It is for people like Predator to use for questioning the quarrel over the past relationship. Not for people in relationship.


After gone through the weekend, the Predator listens to his buddy side of story, Predator instinct triggered. As the girl was already in Predator's comfort zone, the Predator will act. Giving advice to his buddy and thinking the next step.


Just like what other people do, giving advice to the buddy. The Predator had gone one step further above all people, to contact the girl as well. Giving respect and advice to both sides. The Predator encourages them and patched them up. Drawing the perfect plan to be executed.


Even though the plan didn't really been use. As both parties already patched up before the schedule date. Directly or indirectly, the Predator contributes to the good cause, the Lone Ranger supposed. Of course, the Predator's buddy and his girls take all the credit to handle maturely. Now is up to them to settle the parents.


The Lone Ranger giving full support and respect to the Predator. The highest tribute and promise to never let the Predator down. May the Predator's ultimate dream do come true. Predator, you are really doing what you do, who you are. To live for nothing or die for something.


Now the Lone Ranger is as happy as well this weekend.



Posted at 05:04 am by Predator


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