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Predator's Horoscope: Yours is a personality which is a combination of all the zodiac. You may be gifted musically or artisticly, and creativeness is inherent in you. You are a great empathiser, always knowing how someone else is feeling. This makes you a good councellor and a sensitive lover. You enjoy solitude occasionally and like to get away from it all and be along in order to regain your senses.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter
Compatible Star-Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus
Gemstones: Amethyst

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Mar 14, 2012
My 29 highlights of the year!!!

1. Received Uncle Lim small angpow during hill vacation
2. Becoming the manager of Manchester United in FIFA12
3. Witness WW3 in COD:MW3
4. Sleep overnight with a guy sharing a room
5. Sleep overnight with 2 girls sharing a room
6. Gain a new colleague
7. Gain an ex-colleague
8. Like to be more pretty in a scene of looks and dressing.
9. Hit the gym.
10. Rekindle my love with Ninjutsu. My senior is now an instructor

11. Got myself a brother-in-law
12. My slide show project showned in public
13. Got 2 rooms for me to occupy nowadays
14. Meet a [an online] friend to pass an overdue/re-pass Birthday present
15. Being blocked in Facebook by a person I still able to meet occasionally
16. Hunt for a suit more than 3 months
17. Hunt for a leather shoe more than half a year
18. Consider getting a bargain in a form of polo shirt during CNY. Still in a pack
19. Get a bargain in gudang sales for a futsal shoe. Going to unpack I guess
20. Visited KLCC, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion in a short few hours

21. Man's best friend home reschedules. Now welcome a small little big fella named Hugo
22. Practising to eat more vegetarian on the 1st and 15th lunar calendar
23. Successfully finished the whole romantic comedy named Valentine's Day
24. Visited Universal Studio, Singapore
25. Being more generous in gifts and presents
26. Consuming more than tripple of low fat milk and soya milk in the past year
27. Experience aging, smiling, laughing, crying for a year more
28. Witnessing the process of little girl officially call me uncle
29. Celebrate last year occasion in a stretch

30 is the exact year my parents allow me in this world to celebrate White Valentine's Day. Happy Birthday to me.

Posted at 03:37 pm by Predator
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Mar 1, 2012
Speak Now-iversary

Happy "Speak Now"-iversary. Exactly 1 year of "The Story of Us". It was "Mean" and "Innocent". "Haunted" me since "Back to December". Take it as "Last Kiss" which "Better Than Revenge". Our "Sparks Fly" "Never Grow Up". "Long Live" "Dear john". It's now "Mine" and resides in my car. But I was "Enchanted" to meet you. "If This Was A Movie", I will become "Superman" and the CD will be "Ours" ¢¾

Posted at 03:34 pm by Predator
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Aug 14, 2008
Love Gives Love Takes

Gone through some old album and found this track. This track reminds me what is a nice song to hear and the meaning of it. It gives me satisfactory and I give back appreciation. Maybe some ear oil.


The rule is simple but people tend to describe it as "complicated". You want people care and you must show them your care. You accept people for whatever reason and people accept your whatever reason. It works great for two to become a couple.


You care for the person and you love it when the other person cares for you too. You want to impress the person and you love it when the person impressed by you. You sincerely buy a present and the other person sincerely accepts the present. You give loves and the other accepts loves.


As the Lone Ranger speaks, the Lone Ranger wants the perfect other half but is he himself? Wants a girl appearance that he can rate second to none (or maybe after celebrity). A person who truly is understanding (which is super important). A person appreciates the Lone Ranger loves. A person respects Lone Ranger decision. A person who can leads the way. A person who called "Princess". A lovely cute lady who is not like a teddy bears for kawaii kids. A person who wants to be part of "untouchable". A person who can gives privacy time (own time to reflect who I am, what you are; to live for nothing or die for something. To remind myself how to loves and become a Predator Hunter). The list goes on and on.


Some "complicated" questions.

Will you wiling to sacrifice for that person.

~ Do whatever you can to help/assist that person.

Will you accept that person? (with his/her bad behavior/habit)

~ Loves his/her everything includes non perfect thing.

Will you reply back his/her shower of loves?

~ Loves back and show appreciation.

Will you test the relationship before consider a couple?

~ Be friend and ¡°a friend¡± more.

Will you only wait for the right person?

~ Lonesome everyday and night.

Will you make a backup for the relation?

~ Makes a frend ¡°closure¡± just in case/temporary.

Will you get back with your ex?

~ After confirm to dump him/her for some reason. And might face the same scenario.

Will you friend with your ex?

~ Cannot become couple at least a buddy.


So many complicated questions. No wonder my lovely "shinobi" is still preparing herself.



~ Love Gives Loves Takes ~

Love breaks and love divides
Love laughs and love can make you cry
I can't believe the ways
That love can give
And love can take away



Posted at 10:07 pm by Predator
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Jun 1, 2008
Live For Nothing or Die For Something

On the 21 of May 2008 (22 May local date), the Lone Ranger was in tear of happiness when Predator's favourite football club wins the UEFA Champion League. One of the best tournament and the best show on earth in Lone Ranger opinion. Few hours before that, the Predator's buddy was in sad tears.


After Predator's buddy having quarreled with his girlfriend, the Predator's weekend will not be as same as weeks before for their initial break up. Predator always didn't understand the use of the term "complicated" as relationship status in Friendster. Now Predator understands the use of it. It is for people like Predator to use for questioning the quarrel over the past relationship. Not for people in relationship.


After gone through the weekend, the Predator listens to his buddy side of story, Predator instinct triggered. As the girl was already in Predator's comfort zone, the Predator will act. Giving advice to his buddy and thinking the next step.


Just like what other people do, giving advice to the buddy. The Predator had gone one step further above all people, to contact the girl as well. Giving respect and advice to both sides. The Predator encourages them and patched them up. Drawing the perfect plan to be executed.


Even though the plan didn't really been use. As both parties already patched up before the schedule date. Directly or indirectly, the Predator contributes to the good cause, the Lone Ranger supposed. Of course, the Predator's buddy and his girls take all the credit to handle maturely. Now is up to them to settle the parents.


The Lone Ranger giving full support and respect to the Predator. The highest tribute and promise to never let the Predator down. May the Predator's ultimate dream do come true. Predator, you are really doing what you do, who you are. To live for nothing or die for something.


Now the Lone Ranger is as happy as well this weekend.



Posted at 05:04 am by Predator
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Apr 14, 2008
Predaking: The Phenomenal Day

Predaking is formed and merged by Predacon. Predacon is a continuation of the Decepticon family from the Transformers. Predacon consist of five robots that can transform into fearsome animal hunter form. These predators use sheer brute force to fight those Autobots. They stomp the ground, cut the air and crunch their meal.


Back to reality and talking on meal. These two weeks had been boring thinking what to eat during dinner. Those food are just taste the same. Unless you spend more on something different or it is just no different.


As celebrating the phenomenal day last month, it was a complete set of meal. A delicious famous pizza from colleague then followed by a featured cake. It was bigger hit at night with three king of the day celebrating together going western. With some nice song company us. After the wonderful dinner, we when for the ancient 10,000 b.c. show. Watch those ancient dinosaur creature and weak human in the movie.


On the weekend, the untouchable gather to for one heaven of the buffet. Still can imagine those sandwiches, those puddings, those cakes, those ice creams and many more. Not forgetting the juices. Am now can become a predator to crunch those thingy.


With this three occasion, I can become the king of all predator kings, the Predaking celebrating one special extra-ordinary phenomenal day. Might post up an entry about the devil I am in the next few months after becoming the Predaking.


Posted at 09:21 pm by Predator
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Oct 22, 2007
What I’ve Done: Transform To Non-virgin

It is true. You read it right, no illusion or magic trick. It is posted real here. What I have done? And now I become a non-virgin. This incident actually happen around 3 months back when everyone seeing things transform into super advanced robot. Just like in the cartoon from the Japanese.


Well, the story goes like this. During one weekend, my buddy asks me to go watch the movie Transformers. As it is the first weekend, I think many people will crowd for places. I planned to watch Die Hard 4.0 and wait the other weekend only watch Transformers.


My buddy luckily able to buy a nice seat in town and we enjoy very much the show. It was one of the best movies and I should update my Friendster as one of my favorite movie. This is one of the long awaited shows since Spiderman. By now, you should know how great it is.


Then how about Die Hard 4.0? After few weeks, no suitable time to watch this movie and I ask one of my colleague to watch since I will almost taken off form the screening. However, my colleague asks me to watch Transformers with him and a week later only watch Die Hard 4.0.


Since I had already watch Transformers and wanted to watch Die Hard 4.0, he asked me to company him to watch and he pays for the ticket passes. Okay then, we rushes to the cinema after work with fifteen minutes in between. And we speed like a transformed rocket. It was raining and traffic jams everywhere but we make it on time.


In the cinema is not pack full this time around and my record for watch-same-movie-in-cinema has broken since it is the second time. My virgin to watch the same movie twice in cinema has been dash during the opening of the show. And now transform myself to non virgin. No longer like last time.


It is good though, as I can understand better with the show. A week later, Die Hard 4.0 only screen during office hour and we did not have the chance to watch it. In theory, I did not able to watch the movie I wanted and transformed myself to non-virgin. This is what I have done.


Posted at 01:59 pm by Predator
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Oct 3, 2007
Return in Action

As the saying goes, the Lone Wolves are back. It’s not better than ever. Still struggling with indigestion. Feel like something jabbing the intestine. Wondering if auntie come knocking the door is feeling the same. Showing sign of transition from wolf to puppy.


Contrary to previous comeback, the Predator makes a great comeback. This time, Predator’s metabolism playing trick with sudden monster consumption and a week later with indigestion. Physical outlook not looking the best. The face behind the mask is not as smooth as a baby.


That might contribute to the hiatus from posting entry. The main reasons are busy doing on-site project and the Predator’s personal computer showing sign of never wanted to wake up. Anyway, almost everyday carrying company notebook and the road to return begins.


Since Predator missing in action, Predator has gone out of this country. To the place where TVB actors and actresses are born. Visiting Las Vegas in Asia where kennysia enjoy eating gold sheet. Also further north to the land which produce full of imitation goods.


During this few months, one moment is to witness the lost of the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Beniot. Truly with the rabid tragedy. Fans of the square circle will mourn the technical ability in ring. Also lost of a great hero in Thierry Henry where he no longer plays in EPL. The living legend has moves on to play in Spain.


Until next time.


Posted at 12:03 pm by Predator
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May 2, 2007
Lone Wolf March To Glory

Few weeks ago, always complaint that things turn out not smoothly. But think back again, is it really that bad. Not really certainly. Life is boring and admire the others lifestyle. Going to cinema, to the mall, to the gym and sports. Well, since the month of March, we are now marching to glory.


From previous entry, there is a point where Predator had a free cinema ticket on hand. In this post, we continue from there. This series follow where the Predator go hang out with friends. On the last day of March, Predator and his colleague/friend/club supporter go to the cinema to watch 300 the movie.


The movie is tailor made for the real man as it tells the true man to march to glory. They fight brave and discipline trying to march on to glory. However, it seems not that easy. Portray to the journey of life as we walk through the difficulty of life. We can’t easily have perfect life. Therefore we need to stand tall and fight.


As usual have sports self-entertainment and hang out drink. With colleagues and friends together to discuss and blow some ball water there. The fight hard devils are also picking up form to fight until the season end. With own buddies lately, go to the arcade to shoot some baddies and watch some movie. The buddy’s girl is quite sporting and not only allows his guy to be with us but she joins us as well.


Last month, all four of us came out from the shell and head to cinema to support a certain animated movie where tells a story of fabulous four came out from shell. The related Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This certain pattern continues to roll over the town. May this style continue to the month of May as this great power comes with great responsibility.



Posted at 07:47 pm by Predator
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Mar 23, 2007
The Big Treat Extravaganza

My inverted spy told me this recent two months, there is around one visitor a day constantly viewing this page. Strong feeling indicate it is a random search. Might be the result of the Internet technology search restructure. It might also be my loyal visitor waiting for this special post.


As this is the special month of March, my heart almost melts into “Pisces” generate by my family and friends. As I thought last year is the footprint to the first team but this year is bigger treat. All people surrounding me make an effort to become one of their kinds. They did not disappoint me and live up to their own name.


First up is my family, the untouchable and a friend gather at Sunway Pyramid to have a chicken buffet on Saturday afternoon. Certainly the forecast is true that this year I need to watch out my consumption. Anyway, next Monday, the certain reliable chain gang members prepare a blur and blue Monday washout for the twin effect brothers. Have a “test vocal” session for five hours until midnight. Have to credit and name them starting from LimFT, LengAF, SoonSA, ChongSW, LimKH, KangCF, LongCM and my wing swapper, LeeKC.


On the exact day, as the phenomenal Predator does what he do best. The entire office colleague celebrated with a typical office gathering just like last time with five people but this time only me, same place same month but different colleague. Also credit to those especially the ladies who have a warmest heart to prepare a good chick of deep fried meal.


Now still one more treat from the cinema. This is certainly a bigger treat than last year. Even though the big quarter of a century being celebrated, I did not feel any player growth in me. Obviously I am as young as ever asked Lone Ranger to the Predator.


Yours truly the phenomenal YJLai.



Posted at 01:20 pm by Predator
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Mar 4, 2007
Marching To The Month Of March

I am tired. I am confused. I am numbed. That is the mood bringing to the phenomenal month of March. On the last day of February, it is the umpteenth times meeting for restructure. Every meeting is the same. Wants a company restructure every time. Every times seem not meet the expectation. Again have another meeting and restructure. But then again not reach expectation. And again a meeting, a restructure and the same routine again each in few months.


I already mentally and physically tired. After Chinese New Year, company wants a new resolution, a restructure. Fine, follow what the company wants. My desires with the new task immerge. When every finally settle down in a few months. Around the last quarter of the year, another pre-appraisal. The same old story. Company sees no improvement, need our idea and more improvement after we follow the new instruction in the new year. But our improvements still not enough.


In the year-end, appraisal given and same old story. Every time I followed the new instruction but the next meeting will still say our services stagnant. I am tired listening to the same routines that need us to do this and that. I am confused that I followed the instruction is not what they want in the meeting. I do not know to follow or not to follow.


Then another year came. Same thing after the Chinese New Year. Company wants a new resolution. Then followed again. And again not what they wanted. Oh my. What they want now. Excuses given and excuses not accepted in a one-way traffic only. Goodness me. What am I supposed to do?


Now in my third year. People come and go. People promote and people relegate. It is also my problem. What the…!!! We are professional, we do our job separated our job and personal. They can also link both up. Boss and colleague are always boss and colleague. Family and friends are always relative and friends. We cannot meet our friends after working? Boss, we call boss but not brother or friends. But sometimes I do need to call my boss a friend or brother? That’s also blamed me to the world. Would everyone understand me? We are professional. Only my God will know.


Why can’t I live like others? In the morning concentrate at work. After work, hang out with friends or go to the gym but not think what to do the next day or to think an unlimited new idea. I can go to the cinema often, register myself to the gym to build an image but not look like an old hag tinkering or going out with girls. During the weekend, fresh going home and affordable brings the whole family out to family day every week the untouchable style.


All I wants is to work and afford to have a healthy life style at night and during the weekend enjoy to know what paradise is. Not looking like a humble, a listener and an unaffordable old hag. Then slowly building my ultimate dream. The phenomenal Pieces please bless me marching to the month of March.


Posted at 05:18 pm by Predator
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