Entry: The Big Treat Extravaganza Mar 23, 2007

My inverted spy told me this recent two months, there is around one visitor a day constantly viewing this page. Strong feeling indicate it is a random search. Might be the result of the Internet technology search restructure. It might also be my loyal visitor waiting for this special post.


As this is the special month of March, my heart almost melts into “Pisces” generate by my family and friends. As I thought last year is the footprint to the first team but this year is bigger treat. All people surrounding me make an effort to become one of their kinds. They did not disappoint me and live up to their own name.


First up is my family, the untouchable and a friend gather at Sunway Pyramid to have a chicken buffet on Saturday afternoon. Certainly the forecast is true that this year I need to watch out my consumption. Anyway, next Monday, the certain reliable chain gang members prepare a blur and blue Monday washout for the twin effect brothers. Have a “test vocal” session for five hours until midnight. Have to credit and name them starting from LimFT, LengAF, SoonSA, ChongSW, LimKH, KangCF, LongCM and my wing swapper, LeeKC.


On the exact day, as the phenomenal Predator does what he do best. The entire office colleague celebrated with a typical office gathering just like last time with five people but this time only me, same place same month but different colleague. Also credit to those especially the ladies who have a warmest heart to prepare a good chick of deep fried meal.


Now still one more treat from the cinema. This is certainly a bigger treat than last year. Even though the big quarter of a century being celebrated, I did not feel any player growth in me. Obviously I am as young as ever asked Lone Ranger to the Predator.


Yours truly the phenomenal YJLai.




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