Entry: Return in Action Oct 3, 2007

As the saying goes, the Lone Wolves are back. It’s not better than ever. Still struggling with indigestion. Feel like something jabbing the intestine. Wondering if auntie come knocking the door is feeling the same. Showing sign of transition from wolf to puppy.


Contrary to previous comeback, the Predator makes a great comeback. This time, Predator’s metabolism playing trick with sudden monster consumption and a week later with indigestion. Physical outlook not looking the best. The face behind the mask is not as smooth as a baby.


That might contribute to the hiatus from posting entry. The main reasons are busy doing on-site project and the Predator’s personal computer showing sign of never wanted to wake up. Anyway, almost everyday carrying company notebook and the road to return begins.


Since Predator missing in action, Predator has gone out of this country. To the place where TVB actors and actresses are born. Visiting Las Vegas in Asia where kennysia enjoy eating gold sheet. Also further north to the land which produce full of imitation goods.


During this few months, one moment is to witness the lost of the “Rabid Wolverine” Chris Beniot. Truly with the rabid tragedy. Fans of the square circle will mourn the technical ability in ring. Also lost of a great hero in Thierry Henry where he no longer plays in EPL. The living legend has moves on to play in Spain.


Until next time.



aP[o]caLyPSe` AnGeL~
October 4, 2007   10:29 AM PDT
good one. my concentration are fully directed to ur post until i forgot to monitor shares for client. yikes! back to work!!!

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