Entry: What Iíve Done: Transform To Non-virgin Oct 22, 2007

It is true. You read it right, no illusion or magic trick. It is posted real here. What I have done? And now I become a non-virgin. This incident actually happen around 3 months back when everyone seeing things transform into super advanced robot. Just like in the cartoon from the Japanese.


Well, the story goes like this. During one weekend, my buddy asks me to go watch the movie Transformers. As it is the first weekend, I think many people will crowd for places. I planned to watch Die Hard 4.0 and wait the other weekend only watch Transformers.


My buddy luckily able to buy a nice seat in town and we enjoy very much the show. It was one of the best movies and I should update my Friendster as one of my favorite movie. This is one of the long awaited shows since Spiderman. By now, you should know how great it is.


Then how about Die Hard 4.0? After few weeks, no suitable time to watch this movie and I ask one of my colleague to watch since I will almost taken off form the screening. However, my colleague asks me to watch Transformers with him and a week later only watch Die Hard 4.0.


Since I had already watch Transformers and wanted to watch Die Hard 4.0, he asked me to company him to watch and he pays for the ticket passes. Okay then, we rushes to the cinema after work with fifteen minutes in between. And we speed like a transformed rocket. It was raining and traffic jams everywhere but we make it on time.


In the cinema is not pack full this time around and my record for watch-same-movie-in-cinema has broken since it is the second time. My virgin to watch the same movie twice in cinema has been dash during the opening of the show. And now transform myself to non virgin. No longer like last time.


It is good though, as I can understand better with the show. A week later, Die Hard 4.0 only screen during office hour and we did not have the chance to watch it. In theory, I did not able to watch the movie I wanted and transformed myself to non-virgin. This is what I have done.



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