Entry: Predaking: The Phenomenal Day Apr 14, 2008

Predaking is formed and merged by Predacon. Predacon is a continuation of the Decepticon family from the Transformers. Predacon consist of five robots that can transform into fearsome animal hunter form. These predators use sheer brute force to fight those Autobots. They stomp the ground, cut the air and crunch their meal.


Back to reality and talking on meal. These two weeks had been boring thinking what to eat during dinner. Those food are just taste the same. Unless you spend more on something different or it is just no different.


As celebrating the phenomenal day last month, it was a complete set of meal. A delicious famous pizza from colleague then followed by a featured cake. It was bigger hit at night with three king of the day celebrating together going western. With some nice song company us. After the wonderful dinner, we when for the ancient 10,000 b.c. show. Watch those ancient dinosaur creature and weak human in the movie.


On the weekend, the untouchable gather to for one heaven of the buffet. Still can imagine those sandwiches, those puddings, those cakes, those ice creams and many more. Not forgetting the juices. Am now can become a predator to crunch those thingy.


With this three occasion, I can become the king of all predator kings, the Predaking celebrating one special extra-ordinary phenomenal day. Might post up an entry about the devil I am in the next few months after becoming the Predaking.



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