Entry: Love Gives Love Takes Aug 14, 2008

Gone through some old album and found this track. This track reminds me what is a nice song to hear and the meaning of it. It gives me satisfactory and I give back appreciation. Maybe some ear oil.


The rule is simple but people tend to describe it as "complicated". You want people care and you must show them your care. You accept people for whatever reason and people accept your whatever reason. It works great for two to become a couple.


You care for the person and you love it when the other person cares for you too. You want to impress the person and you love it when the person impressed by you. You sincerely buy a present and the other person sincerely accepts the present. You give loves and the other accepts loves.


As the Lone Ranger speaks, the Lone Ranger wants the perfect other half but is he himself? Wants a girl appearance that he can rate second to none (or maybe after celebrity). A person who truly is understanding (which is super important). A person appreciates the Lone Ranger loves. A person respects Lone Ranger decision. A person who can leads the way. A person who called "Princess". A lovely cute lady who is not like a teddy bears for kawaii kids. A person who wants to be part of "untouchable". A person who can gives privacy time (own time to reflect who I am, what you are; to live for nothing or die for something. To remind myself how to loves and become a Predator Hunter). The list goes on and on.


Some "complicated" questions.

Will you wiling to sacrifice for that person.

~ Do whatever you can to help/assist that person.

Will you accept that person? (with his/her bad behavior/habit)

~ Loves his/her everything includes non perfect thing.

Will you reply back his/her shower of loves?

~ Loves back and show appreciation.

Will you test the relationship before consider a couple?

~ Be friend and ˇ°a friendˇ± more.

Will you only wait for the right person?

~ Lonesome everyday and night.

Will you make a backup for the relation?

~ Makes a frend ˇ°closureˇ± just in case/temporary.

Will you get back with your ex?

~ After confirm to dump him/her for some reason. And might face the same scenario.

Will you friend with your ex?

~ Cannot become couple at least a buddy.


So many complicated questions. No wonder my lovely "shinobi" is still preparing herself.



~ Love Gives Loves Takes ~

Love breaks and love divides
Love laughs and love can make you cry
I can't believe the ways
That love can give
And love can take away




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