Entry: My 29 highlights of the year!!! Mar 14, 2012

1. Received Uncle Lim small angpow during hill vacation
2. Becoming the manager of Manchester United in FIFA12
3. Witness WW3 in COD:MW3
4. Sleep overnight with a guy sharing a room
5. Sleep overnight with 2 girls sharing a room
6. Gain a new colleague
7. Gain an ex-colleague
8. Like to be more pretty in a scene of looks and dressing.
9. Hit the gym.
10. Rekindle my love with Ninjutsu. My senior is now an instructor

11. Got myself a brother-in-law
12. My slide show project showned in public
13. Got 2 rooms for me to occupy nowadays
14. Meet a [an online] friend to pass an overdue/re-pass Birthday present
15. Being blocked in Facebook by a person I still able to meet occasionally
16. Hunt for a suit more than 3 months
17. Hunt for a leather shoe more than half a year
18. Consider getting a bargain in a form of polo shirt during CNY. Still in a pack
19. Get a bargain in gudang sales for a futsal shoe. Going to unpack I guess
20. Visited KLCC, Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion in a short few hours

21. Man's best friend home reschedules. Now welcome a small little big fella named Hugo
22. Practising to eat more vegetarian on the 1st and 15th lunar calendar
23. Successfully finished the whole romantic comedy named Valentine's Day
24. Visited Universal Studio, Singapore
25. Being more generous in gifts and presents
26. Consuming more than tripple of low fat milk and soya milk in the past year
27. Experience aging, smiling, laughing, crying for a year more
28. Witnessing the process of little girl officially call me uncle
29. Celebrate last year occasion in a stretch

30 is the exact year my parents allow me in this world to celebrate White Valentine's Day. Happy Birthday to me.


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